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Updated: Nov 25, 2023

This short blog is going to show you how to find all plant ID's in SAP that relate to a certain block of company codes. This can be very useful for a security consultant when building roles and the correct information has not been given or hasn't been received in the first place...its usually the latter :).

  • Find your company code(s). You should already know the company code(s) based on the role(s) you are working with. Company codes can be found under the technical name of $BUKRS. Once you have the list of Company codes you can then search for the "Valuation Area".

  • Go to Table T001K in SE16N.

  • Copy and paste the Company codes that are relevant to your role into the table. In this example we will use Company Code 3001:

  • Now you have all the Valuation Areas that relate to your Company Code(s).

Now you need to find all the Plant ID ($WERKS) that relate to the Valuation Area(s) that you have just found, and how do we do this? Simple:

  • Go to SE16N, and find the table called T001W.

  • Copy in the Valuation Areas you have just got received from table T001K:

And just like that, you have all the $WERKS / Plant values you need to build your SAP role in a compliant and secure manner:

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