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Security Migration

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Brownfield vs Greenfield

With the implementation of SAP’s S4 HANA, customers can expect new and exciting ways of working, whether it be with the new and improvement UI for the end user, the new Fiori Apps which are replacing the old GUI transactions or newly streamlined business processes, it is clear that this is a going to be a big change for any company & SAP security is no exception to this rule.


Before starting your journey on S4, have you thought about whether or not you will chose a brownfield or greenfield SAP Security build methodology? Corrib Consulting have worked with many customers who have implemented S4 and based on our experience, we can help your business on making informed decisions when choosing the correct path for your SAP S4 security build.


Talk with us today and don’t miss out on a once in a generation opportunity to gain the upper hand on SAP Security in your landscape.

Corrib Consulting

SAP Role Build Methodology

  • We at Corrib Consulting offer a proven and tested SAP security role build methodology that saves our customers time and effort during an S4 implementation.


  • A highly structured process that was built around testing cycles


  • Stop gap intervals that are used to test and eliminate gaps in requirements which in turns lead to a smooth cut over


  • A centralised approach to end user roles that encourages a business ownership of processes and risk associated with these roles.


  • Guaranteed to drastically reduce the amount of roles in your organisation whilst increasing the efficiency of the role provisioning process  to your business users via container business roles.

Identifying & Reducing Risk for your business

The threat matrix is constantly changing. Connectivity to SAP has significantly changed and increased with the introduction of S4 HANA and external interfaces to cloud and third party systems. Customers, vendors, employees and mobile devices accessing core SAP data, and the need for that data to be available to the internet, has introduced new vulnerabilities for businesses that would histrionically have had to plan for in SAP. Does your business understand these threats and risks, are you using automation to help reduce the risk to your business, and do you have the fundamentals covered with within your SAP Security framework to manage these proactively and effectively? If not, then speak with us and Corrib Consulting can help you build this framework to support and future proof your SAP journey.

SAP User Interface

Security has never been more relevant in SAP as it is today with the move to SAP S/4 HANA. Security is inherently linked to a new and improved user experience thanks for SAP Fiori. Gone are the days of users using folders in SAP GUI (though admittedly very few did).


Users now are presented with a modern tile design concept on the Fiori launchpad and the security approach is a key determination of how successful this transition will be. Your security team will be responsible for the maintenance of all catalogs and groups for your S4 system. To ensure that your groups, pages & spaces are created in a way that allows your users to work at their most efficient, this process needs to be a done correctly.


Are you planning your S4 Security upgrade today and don't know where to start? Speak with us at Corrib Consulting, let us help you on your journey to a more secure and future proof SAP landscape.


With the introduction of SAP S4, businesses now have the opportunity to offer their users and customers a better user experience. With the introduction of the Fiori Launchpad, it is now possible for business's to standardise their SAP authentication method with the rest of their business with the use of SAML & OAuth. With SAP S4, your business users will no longer need to log into an outdated SAP GUI for their daily tasks. Users can now traverse different systems with ease without being prompted to authenticate into every system.


SAP S4 can integrate with all the industry leading IDP's to allow your business to centralise and easily control user access to your SAP Landscapes.

Are you planning your S4 Security upgrade today and don't know where to start?

Speak with us at Corrib Consulting and we can help you on your journey to a more secure and future-proof SAP landscape.

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