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To allow your business to sun smoothly, its imperative that you have a comprehensive GRC strategy in place.

Your GRC strategy needs to be flexible to allow for a reactive and proactive ways of working, and at the same time able to adapt to an ever changing risk landscape.

Your SAP GRC framework needs to comply with the relative regulations and policies that your business is subject to.

Corrib Consulting specializes in utilizing SAP's security and GRC solutions to help its customers operate at its highest potential by using SAP best practices during configuration, global best practices for systematic checks and automation, whilst working closely with its customers to embed their own policies into their every day operational processes.


Reduce helpdesk and email man hours by introducing automated provisioning of all your SAP Access. Cut the end user wait times down from days to minutes.

Introduce risk analysis and Process Controls on your roles, processes and end users with systematic checks on all assignments in real time.

Set thresholds with flags and alerts on your business processes for real time updates. 

Run automated systematic checks in your SAP landscape for any roles or users who have critical sensitive roles, segregation of duties violations, threshold alerts or intrusion attempts. 

SAP security solutions can be tailored made to automate many tasks to free up your security consultants for more value added tasks.

Peace of mind that critical and sensitive data is only available to only those who are authorized.

We offer many services for Identity and Access management.

Corrib Consulting consultants hold decades of experience in all SAP security management solutions, including SAP GRC, SAP IDM, SAP IPS, SAP ETD and SAP IAG.

Elevate your reporting power to make proactive decisions with turnkey, ready to go reports from SAP GRC.

We also help our customer create custom reports to meet their C level requirements.

Are you planning your S4 Security upgrade today and don't know where to start?

Speak with us at Corrib Consulting and we can help you on your journey to a more secure and future-proof SAP landscape.

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