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Adding a New Tile to a Technical Catalog

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

As a Developer or SAP Security consultant, you will most definitely receive requests to add Tcodes / Fiori Apps as tiles to Business Catalogs. If the Fiori app is standard then the app should already exist in a Technical Catalog, so no problem there. But what if the Tcode doesn't exist in a Technical Catalog or if you are building a custom app, what do you do? The below explains how to add a new Fiori app or Tcode to a new or existing Technical Catalog.

Firstly to begin, its important to mention that we should never assign a standard SAP Technical catalog to a role, likewise we should never change or alter a standard SAP catalog, whether its a business or technical catalog. SAP has not provided their customers with tiles for every Tcode in the S4 system, therefore we would need to create a new custom catalog to insert the Tcodes which will allow us to render them as tiles in the front end.

To create a new custom catalog you follow these steps:

1: If you are adding something new to a TC that is not able to be found in a BC, then please follow the below steps:

Go to SM30 - /UI2/V_SEMOBJC

Add a new Entry:

Copy the Semantic Object from the SE93 description of the Tcode if you do not know what to use:

So the Semantic Object for the above would be "PostDocument" and the action would be “Post”.

Once you have added this new entry, it will prompt you to save this to a workbench request.

Please make sure the new transport request is saved as /DEVELOP/ and not /CUSTOMIZ/

Once this is done you can then go to /n/ui2/flpam to add to your desired TC.

The below steps outline the creation of a TC.

  1. Go to Tcode /n/ui2/flpam

  2. If you are creating a custom catalog, then type in the custom catalog naming convention Z_TC_XXX_XXX_XXX and click on continue. If you want to Edit a catalog, then also just type in the name of the catalog and click on continue. Fiori App: Z_TC_S4FIN_FIORI_APPS_MAIN Standard Tcode: Z_TC_S4FIN_GENERAL_APPS_02

  1. Click on Continue

Click on insert and add to the package called ZSEC. Choose your Transport:

Choose “Standard Catalog” not “Replicable Catalog” as SAP have stated that replicable catalogs are not needed any longer.

Click on “Insert”

Choose the Tcode/fiori you want to add (If you cannot see Transaction code then add this in the settings on the right side to include this column).

Add the semantic object and action that you created earlier. For fiori apps you need the following information:

Tile name : Keyword : Semantic object : Action : Url/ICF Path : Id : OData services (if it’s a fiori app): Business Catalog: Group:

Add the Tcode as a tile in the Tile Tab below:

Add a tile Icon also which represents the action this tile will have, for example, if this is a display Tile, then add the Tile Icon for display. Once done, click on save and it will save to your transport.

Adding To Business Catalog – Security Only

Type in the new Tcode you have added and add this to the correct custom business catalog:

Once added to the Business Catalog, make sure it’s added to the transport. REMEMBER: There are 2 different transports at work here.:

1: Transport on the CONF layer for the custom Technical Catalog. 2: The 2nd transport will transport the Business Catalog, Role and Group. The 1st transport on the CONF must be moved before the second transport. If you move the business catalog before the technical catalog, then the reference will break and you’ll have to do it over again.

- Add this to the correct Group.

- Go to PFCG and open the role.

  1. Right click on the business catalog, click on "Details" and save to refresh the entries.

  2. Go and maintain and amber or red values in the authorizations. Derive down to the derived version and safe.

  3. Transport the derived versions in the same 2nd transport.

  4. Go to your transport management system and move the Technical Catalog transport FIRST.

  5. After this has moved successfully, then move the second transport.

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